Sam’s Curiosities was born from my genuine curiosity into all things life has to offer.

After experiencing a health scare in 2005, I took the time to reevaluate my life.  I realized I spent most of my time teetering on the edge, yet terrified to really embrace life and experience all the wonders life had to offer.  I had raised my daughter in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and I had always done that one thing a year that scared me Parachuting, White Water Rafting, Camping but never fully committing to things outside my comfort zone. Then I realized this moment was all I had, I committed to myself to make those moments count. I would say YES more, LAUGH louder, SMILE just because and LOVE more.

I decided I wanted to own my home so, I moved to Hamilton very begrudgingly in 2006 from Burlington, drawn by the affordable real estate prices.  My original plan was to stay two to five years and move back to Burlington. Then I fell in love, especially with the people of Hamilton.  It is a large city with a very small community. There are many wonderful hidden treasures in Hamilton you just have to have a willingness to explore and the courage to open the doors.

When I meet someone who has a negative attitude toward Hamilton, I just challenge them to spend the day with me. I will gladly show them a whole different side of Hamilton that will open their hearts and minds to the fun, adventure and beauty within Hamilton..

I would also suggest joining Adventures in Hamilton on one of their many adventures, it is a an easy way to have a social life and discover all the great things Hamilton has to offer.

I will use this forum to give you a glimpse into some of my musings, adventures, explorations and discoveries then share some of my insights into these wonderful things, that I have and will discover. I will  also use this forum as a tool to share my resources with you, so you too can discover what makes Hamilton Sensational plus a few other adventures in life worth sharing.

If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
Twitter – @Sam_HamOnt
FB – Samantha Holden Emmerson

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  1. Hello Sam’s Curiosities Nice to meet you here… Very informative blog
    Thanks Cyril

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