REBIRTH The dawn breaks To a day of rebirth Embracing the path Stepping up to life Versus existence Embracing the invitation It is time, to accept I will meet the Medicine Man How did this happen I simply said, “Yes.” Accepted the opportunities Simply, I took the time To listen to the Medicine Man Sharing […]

 I am ready to die, I have been since I was 18. It is what keeps every day exciting because I am genuinely surprised when I wake up. We often have conversations here of living funerals, painted coffins and home funerals. It is often said how fun it will be. I even know the songs I want […]

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18 Things Mentally Strong people do with their lives 1) They Move On: Most often we find it difficult to move on from our past, we try and we are constantly reminded to do so …but the past keeps coming back and our Ego drives it home, time…

Hamilton is a City filled with many treasures. Many people forget to find a new treasure one must first seek, then leap and then peek in order to be allowed to share in the treasured moment. Since moving to Hamilton 2007, I have opened many doors, some alone, some with friends, sometimes with Adventures in […]

The experience that changed my life was coming to Canada. 1986 My Step – Father received a job offer in Canada, my family was immigrating and I decided to go for three months, I was only 17 years old. It was time to see something of the world. Little did I know it would be 22 years […]