Monthly Archives: January 2012


TEN SENSATIONAL Icy Outings Well we are in February, so that means the cold has set in and the holidays are a distant memory. We are longing for the warm breezes of Spring but as much as we long, they are still weeks away.  So, time to suck it up buttercup and embrace all the wonderful things […]


Five Fun Nights in Hamilton on a Dime:   Go waterfalling , today’s pick would be Mount Albion, take a picnic and share ghost tales. Want to see the newest released movie for free go to the library. Take it one step further and have a themed night. Fancy a historical experience the library offers […]

Gratitiude with Attitude

Gratitude with Attitude 2012 will be a year of change on so many levels for my self personally & professionally.  I didn’t want to miss a minute. So, I decided daily to write a status update on Facebook of the highlight of my day as well as something I am grateful for, they seem are getting lost so I have chosen […]

TEN SENSATIONAL Frosty Hamilton Experiences

TEN SENSATIONAL Frosty Hamilton Experiences, don’t succumb to the January blahs get out and experience this great city. Watch the sunrise on Van Wagners Beach, somethings are worth getting out of bed for – World Clock. Hike at Hendrie Valley. Skate into the sunset at Pier 8 overlooking the Harbour – Hamilton Outdoor Ice Rink […]


JANUARY 1st, 2011 – I participated in the POLAR BEAR DIP. I did it once and all say is brr brr. It was a truly incredible experience. The moment I entered the water my breath was taken away but, I pushed forward as I regained my breath.  I continued taking one step after the other, my skin actually started to burn.  Then the moment came […]