Monthly Archives: February 2012

Puzzling way to spend the evening….

Sometimes we just need to lose ourselves for the evening and escape with a good puzzle, now you can, when you want:  National Geographic – There is a wonderful choice of Map Jigsaw Puzzles that are great way to spend the evening. Jig Zone –   They have a great selection  of jig saw puzzles from 6 […]

Dream Creation

Sleep often eludes us and even more so for our children with their active imaginations. I found with my daughter if I harnessed the power of her imagination not only did she sleep well but, she settled peacefully without the constant getting up and down to the chorus of “But Mum……!” Our routine was like […]

FREE & PWYC Classes: Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation & QiGong.

Here are a few of the FREE & PWYC, Meditation, GiGong, Yoga & Tai Chi classes in the Hamilton area. If you need further information please contact the organizations below:) I will be doing the 21 Meditation  Day Challenge starts Feb 20th, why not join me? If you have any information on other classes and you would […]

Ice Princess

SKATING – Hamilton & Beyond, Discovering My Inner Ice Princess.

If you live in Canada and are not willing to embrace the chill in the air, the snow flake on the tip of your nose and refreshing arctic breeze.  Then you are in for a long hard cold miserable winter cooped up inside going stir crazy or that could be just me. So, here is the most essential check […]

MEDITATION create your own personal retreat.

Often in life we are drawn into less than idyllic circumstances, disagreeing with loved ones, commuting in the rain, tired from the baby crying, frustrated just because… We may take a moment to daydream of the things we wish we could do but, sadly we contemplate in the someday mode. So, alas our day dreams do […]