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6) Faceless Self Portrait #52PhotoHamOnt

6) Faceless Self Portrait #52PhotoHamOnt Advertisements


1) Nature #52PHOTOHAMONT

52 Days till Spring

52 Days till Spring

The Radiant Smile

The Radiant Smile   I can see…                                                the Angels among us I can see…                                                those that uplift and give us flight I can see…                                                those that rob us as we soar                                                                                                                   Many of the Angels are not yet aware.                                               They keep their wings hidden from plain sight                                                Others are just embarking […]

Quest of the Faye

Exhaustion is consuming every step I take these late summer days Life’s joy is fading from my soul As exploring the curious becomes a distant memory A chore verses’ life’s driving force So much is gone the will, the ability, the desire Yet simple gift of a looking glass restores the adventure in the page […]

Embrace the possibilities!

I loved this so much I made it a post so I don’t loose it…now go be BEAUTIFUL and embrace the possibilities! CREDIT: ORIGINAL: By Karen Walrond (a.k.a. Chookooloonks). Check out her 1,000 Faces project to see even more gorgeousness.