The dawn breaks

To a day of rebirth

Embracing the path

Stepping up to life

Versus existence

Embracing the invitation

It is time, to accept

I will meet the Medicine Man

How did this happen

I simply said, “Yes.”

Accepted the opportunities

Simply, I took the time

To listen to the Medicine Man

Sharing the 7 Grandfathers

Embraced their lessons

Love one another and show Kindness

Show your Respect

Act with Bravery

Be Honest with yourself & others

Practice Humility

Share your Wisdom

Speak with a Truthful heart

Nurture just one teaching

Share with all

What a blessing that would be

If we all shared just one

How much richer would society be

The teachings filled my heart

I took kindness as my path

Then I followed the trail

Entered the forest

Leading to the Sweat Lodge

Fires burning bright

Intense heat, warming souls

The heat of the fire haze rises

Smudging cleanse is completed

By the Fire Keeper

Preparing us to talk with Creator

Ancestors gather

Answering our call

Replies echoing in the wind

Medicine Man calls the corners

Offers prayers

The peace pipe shared

It carries our intent

The tobacco offered

As we enter the lodge

We invite our Ancestors

Taking our seat

We prepare,

The round begins

As we return to the womb

Mother Earth embraces us

Our Ancestors support us

The Medicine Man invokes

The healing of rebirth

Tobacco  offered

Grandmother and Grandfather are welcomed

Along with the Eagle, the Bear and the Turtle

The cedar tea is shared

Quenching our thirst

Four rounds are completed

In the intense heat of the womb

Purifies our bodies, mind and souls

Healing what ails us

Rebirthing us from Mother Earth

The Medicine Man is just that

The conduit to Mother Earth

The Fire Keeper protects us

Holding this place sacred

As we journey with the Medicine Man

Others prepare the feast

To be shared by all

Providing nurturing of healing

The day’s journey complete

We return to our homes

I will continue to simply say “Yes.”

Knowing I am completing the Creators plan

While I reside on Mother Earth

By Samantha Emmerson


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  1. Steven Ring · · Reply

    I’m still alive …. I just shut down face book , twitter and any other social media for now …. My new cell number is 289- 442- 6172

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