Bye Bye Baby – My Funeral

I even know the songs I want played:
* American Pie – – I would love my daughter to sing this.
* You are my Sunshine – I want everyone to sing this
* Bye Bye Baby – just because it is BCR
I really want a home funeral and in the backyard would be lovely under the tree cause that is my spot. Then I would like a cremation and I would be so excited to become a diamond cause I love gems. Amethyst are my fav but I would settle to be a diamond. If not I would be happy in a waterfall:)

Then I want Drew, his little sidekick and our girls to go on a crazy adventure and find Kevin. Some where like Africa’s Victoria Falls or Tim Buck Two. Morbid? Not at all death isn’t to be feared it is just the next chapter. I guess I am happy with the story I would leave behind. I even made a Pinterest Board – I figured if they looked there it would inspire them on what I liked.

“Imagine the book of your life. You needn’t worry how long the book is, or whether it is a comic strip or an epic. All that matters is that you make it a good story.”

Now watch a Ted Talk – The 4 Stories we tell ourselves about death with Stephen Cave.
Does death scare you?
Don’t forget about the butterflies, you can release them NOW!


  1. Steven Ring · · Reply

    Death does not scare me because it’s honest . How we choose to die is just as significant as how we choose to live . … Until that day does come , I will inhale life the best I can . Bit I know that day is coming . It’s not ignored and is debt with honestly … Until then … Live . Xxoo

    1. So very wise!

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