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Next to Normal

Theatre Review: next to Normal – Hammer Entertainment

Next to Normal is a Tony Award winning show sharing a harrowing story of a middle class family struggling with mental illness brought to the stage by Hammer Entertaintment in a way that is riveting and heart wrenching. This was by far Hammer Entertainments most emotional performance; their portrayal of next to Normal was brilliantly directed by […]

New York City – Ultimate Getaways

Visit New York City with Ultimate Getaways You want to go! This is just a few of the things we saw in one day click here! In one day in New York City we went to: * Rockefeller Centre went  to the observation deck – Fun * Stopped at Timmies grabbed a tea. – Unbelievable […]

Samhain Fall Halloween Bucket List

Bucket List: 2012 Samhain / Halloween in Hamilton

1.     Pay respects to your ancestors This is a wonderful time of year when the veil thins allowing those on the other side to reach out and touch us with their presence, their words or simply a sign we just need to open our hearts and open our minds to the possibilities. Creating an Alter […]


Thanksgiving Matters!

I want to take this opportunity to wish my Family, Friends and Community a Happy Thanksgiving. In 1986 I did not understand the need or desire for Thanksgiving after just arriving from England. Today, 26 years later I would like every day to be Thanksgiving. We spend so much time being negative, it needs to […]