Many times we answer with an automatic response. Then the worst thing happens, we answer with the same response we heard hundreds of times from our own ghosts within. As those words slip from our lips you feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you cringe inwardly and for that moment time […]

6) Faceless Self Portrait #52PhotoHamOnt


52 Days till Spring

The Radiant Smile   I can see…                                                the Angels among us I can see…                                                those that uplift and give us flight I can see…                                                those that rob us as we soar                                                                                                                   Many of the Angels are not yet aware.                                               They keep their wings hidden from plain sight                                                Others are just embarking […]

Exhaustion is consuming every step I take these late summer days Life’s joy is fading from my soul As exploring the curious becomes a distant memory A chore verses’ life’s driving force So much is gone the will, the ability, the desire Yet simple gift of a looking glass restores the adventure in the page […]

I loved this so much I made it a post so I don’t loose it…now go be BEAUTIFUL and embrace the possibilities! CREDIT: ORIGINAL: By Karen Walrond (a.k.a. Chookooloonks). Check out her 1,000 Faces project to see even more gorgeousness.