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Bye Bye Baby – My Funeral

 I am ready to die, I have been since I was 18. It is what keeps every day exciting because I am genuinely surprised when I wake up. We often have conversations here of living funerals, painted coffins and home funerals. It is often said how fun it will be. I even know the songs I want […]

St Patrick's at Heysham Head

Sacred Places

Sacred Places are truly personal, they are the places that vibrate with you. The places where you feel completely attuned to the universe  when you are there. They allow you presence within yourself, give you internal clarity and rejuvenate your soul. The challenge can come when that place is not easily accessible. I spent years searching for my […]

FREE & PWYC Classes: Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation & QiGong.

Here are a few of the FREE & PWYC, Meditation, GiGong, Yoga & Tai Chi classes in the Hamilton area. If you need further information please contact the organizations below:) I will be doing the 21 Meditation  Day Challenge starts Feb 20th, why not join me? If you have any information on other classes and you would […]

MEDITATION create your own personal retreat.

Often in life we are drawn into less than idyllic circumstances, disagreeing with loved ones, commuting in the rain, tired from the baby crying, frustrated just because… We may take a moment to daydream of the things we wish we could do but, sadly we contemplate in the someday mode. So, alas our day dreams do […]