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Happy Spring!


18 Things Mentally Strong people do with their lives

Originally posted on Endless Light and Love:
18 Things Mentally Strong people do with their lives 1) They Move On: Most often we find it difficult to move on from our past, we try and we are constantly reminded to do so …but the past keeps coming back and our Ego drives it home, time…

Life changing experience with one word…

The experience that changed my life was coming to Canada. 1986 My Step – Father received a job offer in Canada, my family was immigrating and I decided to go for three months, I was only 17 years old. It was time to see something of the world. Little did I know it would be 22 years […]

The Ghosts Within

Many times we answer with an automatic response. Then the worst thing happens, we answer with the same response we heard hundreds of times from our own ghosts within. As those words slip from our lips you feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you cringe inwardly and for that moment time […]

6) Faceless Self Portrait #52PhotoHamOnt

6) Faceless Self Portrait #52PhotoHamOnt

52 Days till Spring

52 Days till Spring

The Radiant Smile

The Radiant Smile   I can see…                                                the Angels among us I can see…                                                those that uplift and give us flight I can see…                                                those that rob us as we soar                                                                                                                   Many of the Angels are not yet aware.                                               They keep their wings hidden from plain sight                                                Others are just embarking […]