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REBIRTH The dawn breaks To a day of rebirth Embracing the path Stepping up to life Versus existence Embracing the invitation It is time, to accept I will meet the Medicine Man How did this happen I simply said, “Yes.” Accepted the opportunities Simply, I took the time To listen to the Medicine Man Sharing […]

Bye Bye Baby – My Funeral

 I am ready to die, I have been since I was 18. It is what keeps every day exciting because I am genuinely surprised when I wake up. We often have conversations here of living funerals, painted coffins and home funerals. It is often said how fun it will be. I even know the songs I want […]

Life changing experience with one word…

The experience that changed my life was coming to Canada. 1986 My Step – Father received a job offer in Canada, my family was immigrating and I decided to go for three months, I was only 17 years old. It was time to see something of the world. Little did I know it would be 22 years […]

The Ghosts Within

Many times we answer with an automatic response. Then the worst thing happens, we answer with the same response we heard hundreds of times from our own ghosts within. As those words slip from our lips you feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you cringe inwardly and for that moment time […]

The 40th Bucket List of Evolution

I found an old bucket list that I put together for my 40th Birthday. The list was to get me excited about life and charged about being an empty nester. I was feeling a little down recently about all the things, I didn’t manage to do this last year. Then when I look at what I […]


My Birthday Reflection with a shout out to each of you!

Birthdays make me reflect and check in with who I am, where I am today and how I feel about things. So now I have figured out I am 44 not 45, here are my thoughts of the day. I am not guru, expert nor a specialist, I am simply me. Nor do I have […]

Bucket List

Creating my 2013 Bucket List. 213 Pinterest Challenge for 2013 – Pin 2

I love Pinterest and spend way to much ohhing and ahhhing, without doing a whole lot of anything. So, I am going to challenge myself to complete 213 Pinterest Challenges in 2013.  If you want to join the fun, feel free to post your challenge pins below. Remember to give credit to the pin that inspired you and even […]