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Happy Spring!


St Patrick’s Day Fun


HARRRP a place to explore.

Hamilton is a City filled with many treasures. Many people forget to find a new treasure one must first seek, then leap and then peek in order to be allowed to share in the treasured moment. Since moving to Hamilton 2007, I have opened many doors, some alone, some with friends, sometimes with Adventures in […]

The 40th Bucket List of Evolution

I found an old bucket list that I put together for my 40th Birthday. The list was to get me excited about life and charged about being an empty nester. I was feeling a little down recently about all the things, I didn’t manage to do this last year. Then when I look at what I […]

Egg Muffin Brunch. 213 Pinterest Challenge for 2013 – Pin 1

I love Pinterest and spend way to much ohhing and ahhhing, without doing a whole lot of anything. So, I am going to challenge myself to complete 213 Pinterest Challenges in 2013.  If you want to join the fun feel free to post your challenge pins below. Remember to give credit to the pin that inspired you and even […]


New Year’s Reflection – How Adventures in Hamilton started.

New Year’s is a great time for reflection, to ponder and to giggle at how things came to be. I truly moved to Hamilton kicking and screaming but I was lured by the great deals in real estate. My daughter had flown the coop leaving me an empty nester, Burlington where I was living at the […]

Dog Sledding

My 2012 Highlights! What an incredible year:)

Celebrating the New Year watching the sun come up New Year’s Day 2012 Dog Sledding with my hunny for my birthday Dog Sledding Visiting The Comfort Maple, just awe inspiring Last home game of the Ti Cats at Ivor Wynn NHL Classic at Ivor Wynn Niagara Safari with my Little Sister, great girls day out […]