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REBIRTH The dawn breaks To a day of rebirth Embracing the path Stepping up to life Versus existence Embracing the invitation It is time, to accept I will meet the Medicine Man How did this happen I simply said, “Yes.” Accepted the opportunities Simply, I took the time To listen to the Medicine Man Sharing […]

Bye Bye Baby – My Funeral

 I am ready to die, I have been since I was 18. It is what keeps every day exciting because I am genuinely surprised when I wake up. We often have conversations here of living funerals, painted coffins and home funerals. It is often said how fun it will be. I even know the songs I want […]

HARRRP a place to explore.

Hamilton is a City filled with many treasures. Many people forget to find a new treasure one must first seek, then leap and then peek in order to be allowed to share in the treasured moment. Since moving to Hamilton 2007, I have opened many doors, some alone, some with friends, sometimes with Adventures in […]


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The 40th Bucket List of Evolution

I found an old bucket list that I put together for my 40th Birthday. The list was to get me excited about life and charged about being an empty nester. I was feeling a little down recently about all the things, I didn’t manage to do this last year. Then when I look at what I […]