HARRRP a place to explore.

Hamilton is a City filled with many treasures. Many people forget to find a new treasure one must first seek, then leap and then peek in order to be allowed to share in the treasured moment. Since moving to Hamilton 2007, I have opened many doors, some alone, some with friends, sometimes with Adventures in Hamilton Meetup, rarely am I disappointed, at the abundance of fun, love and adventures in this city astounds me. Last week after many weeks of driving by HARRRP,  I finally opened the door with my daughter in tow and took a peek inside. We were joining the Ceramics Class which is held in the Pottery room from 2-4pm on Tuesdays. I opened the door to a room full of 15 or so people all in different stages of creating their ceramic pieces. There were teenagers to seniors present, many heads rose to acknowledge our presence, my heart started fluttering, I wanted to turn and run but my daughter was right behind me. My daughter gently nudged me into the room as three lovely ladies sprang to their feet to welcome us. A kind gentleman set up a new table, we were giving choices of ceramic pieces to paint and paint colors to choose from. My daughter, Courtney and I both settled in quite quickly wanting the burning light of attention to fade away into the distance. Ice Cream IMG_8123 Quickly we both became immersed in the task at hand. I had chosen a container shaped like an ice-cream and Courtney choose a guitar. We sat dutifully painting away it was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon chatting with Courtney as we both worked on our projects but what was quite remarkable was seeing what others were creating. It was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, people were kind answered our questions, pointed us in the right direction and were generally helpful. There were some seriously talented people working away down at the HARRRP. They offer a fun environment that you feel completely comfortable expressing your inner artist. IMG_8205IMG_8206 So, what are you waiting for? Sounds too good to be true right?  Says my inner skeptic. So I decided to take Drew to the Pottery class the following Saturday, 2 – 4pm he was excited that is for sure. When we entered the Pottery Room, a lovely lady gave us a quick tour, gave us some clay, a mat, rolling-pin and we were quickly immersed in the task at hand, making bowls and decorations for fun. The class covered every generation and everyone was very helpful and kind. I found the experience very relaxing and intriguing. Drew quickly made friends with Keith who was happy to show Drew how to use the Potters Wheel, it is a while since I saw Drew so content. IMG_8203IMG_8207 I would encourage everyone to check out the HARRRP because there is something for everyone. Please make sure to say hello!   HARRRP Calendar


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