Life changing experience with one word…

The experience that changed my life was coming to Canada. 1986 My Step – Father received a job offer in Canada, my family was immigrating and I decided to go for three months, I was only 17 years old. It was time to see something of the world. Little did I know it would be 22 years later before I returned to England. I have often wished I could go back to the moment when my best friend asked me to stay in Morecambe, they said I could stay with their parents. I so wish I said, “Yes!“ a simple three-letter word but, how different my life would have been. I am not saying that would have been good or bad. just different. Heysham Head I said no because of anger. At the time England was in turmoil. The IRA were making threats left, right and centre but the one thing I asked of my friends in the forces was not to go to Ireland, to leave the troubles be. I am in no way shape an IRA supporter but I have always felt Britain had no place in Ireland. I appreciate that might be my ignorance but it is certainly how I felt as a youth growing up in England. I was angry with my best friend because they volunteered and said `Yes“ to the Army and left for the green isle to protect United Kingdoms assets. So, I decided to leave for Canada. I left England in anger and hurt for what I thought would be three months but, life quickly passed until it expanded to 22 years.


Saying “Yes!” to Canadian experience, is the moment that changed my life.

So, now I look forward and continue to make this the best life!

Regret, wonder and contemplation will always be but, we can’t rewrite our history.

Canadian Citizen

Canadian Citizen

What was the word that changed your life?


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