The Ghosts Within

Many times we answer with an automatic response. Then the worst thing happens, we answer with the same response we heard hundreds of times from our own ghosts within. As those words slip from our lips you feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you cringe inwardly and for that moment time it just lasts way too long, you stand frozen, just wishing you could take it all back…

There you stand frozen looking at the other person, they are clueless to the meaning of this moment. It doesn’t matter what their response. They don’t see your words shattering in front of them as you remember that time so long ago. When you shared your dreams, your hopes and your desires and they were struck from the air as you wistfully spoke, as thoughts linger and desires just spring to mind as you let you mind loose on beautiful summer day with the perfect blue sky, the sun shining down and the birds happy as larks. They batted your desires one by one from the ballpark, that is your existence.



You stumble over your words as you make a fumbled attempt to return to the present moment, you re-engage with the conversation in motion, trying to make an attempt at interest. When truly you just want to sit a while with that distant ghost and have a tea and a natter to catch up on time, too long past.

I would like to urge you to take that time the next time this happens. Politely make your apologies and excuse yourself from the situation, to the bathroom if necessary. Acknowledge the moment you are worth it. Do you recall who said it? I bet they can’t. Often we never even realize when we shatter an others dreams. Look at the list of hopes they shattered and reclaim them. Do those things still interest you? Then why not work on experiencing one or two of them yourself or if for whatever reason it isn’t possible, offer that opportunity to another allow them to complete the quest in your place. Make your dreams come true because you are worth reclaiming.


What dream will you reclaim?





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