Quest of the Faye

Exhaustion is consuming every step I take these late summer days

Life’s joy is fading from my soul

As exploring the curious becomes a distant memory

A chore verses’ life’s driving force

So much is gone the will, the ability, the desire

Yet simple gift of a looking glass restores the adventure in the page

Doreen shares the plight of the faeries, our guardians

For the first time in months, I want to know, could this be possible

Skeptics speaks loudly but the curious badger rambles on

Across to Princess Point out to the golden rod meadows

Stench of death is in the air, fawn lies fallen life melted away

This does not bode well for the healing powers of the Faye

An omen or gift, maybe a test of faith to follow the path

The Sun is setting as I wrap my arms around the willow

Becoming lost within the branches

Letting the old soul of the forest infuse my soul

The Willow filling me with the strength needed

To embark upon my quest of the Faye

The sun setting to the West

Grandmother Moon rises at the quarter mark

With Venus shining brightly to the south

Cootes Paradise lit with moonlight as the Faye play

Dancing at the waters edge skipping across the Lily pads.


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