The 40th Bucket List of Evolution

I found an old bucket list that I put together for my 40th Birthday. The list was to get me excited about life and charged about being an empty nester. I was feeling a little down recently about all the things, I didn’t manage to do this last year. Then when I look at what I have done in the last 5 years.

All I can say is wow!

This is just the list from my 40th there are other lists  hidden away too that I will save for a rainy day pick me up:)

This was really the mid winter boost I needed and it  makes me feel like I had accomplished something. I spent the morning taking a trip down memory lane, reading old blog posts about my adventures and looking at some of the photo’s. I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions but I would highly suggest a Bucket List of Evolution that will fulfill your life and keep you reaching for the moon.

I know some feel like that Bucket Lists are silly but after this experience I am SOLD.

“The one that blew me away was visiting the icebergs, I

was told there would be no icebergs in August.

Then there wasn’t one there were several, waiting!



I tracked the icebergs for four months on 

you should have heard me scream for joy when I saw this iceberg!”


COMPLETED – the ones with links go either to my blog or photos:

*Skydiving – probably the only thing I wouldn’t repeat
*Climb the CN TOWER – fastest time 41min
*White Water Rafting – done 6 man
*Learn to Curl – this was fun
*Learn to Ice Fish – loved this
*Go to the Theatre – love Hamilton local theatre. Hammer Entertainment
*Walk a Labyrinth – Lilydale, Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton, Westdale
*Experience Niagara Falls – many times, all seasons Winter 2011
*Experience the Ocean – From Pacific to Atlantic
*Experience the Mountains – Loved the Rockies, Appalachians
*Rock Climbing Wall – tough
*Whale Watching – breathtaking
*See an Iceberg – this was my absolutely favourite
*Ice SkatingEmbracing My Inner Ice Princess,  Nathan Phillips, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Hamilton
*Winter festivalNiagara Falls, Hamilton, Burlington
*Learn to row – Such a beautiful way to spend time
*Golf Tournament – lol yeah no golfer am I
*Visit Farmers Market – love getting in touch with my food
*Try Archery – I would like to take this further
*Got my Hunters License – because I could
*Attend a Football game – Ti Cats
*Attend a Hockey game – AHL Classic, Ice Dogs, Leafs
*Dog Sledding – Beautiful
*Planetarium – Very interesting
*Do a 5k walk – Around the Bay


*Run a 5k
*White Water Kayaking / Tubing
*Run 10k
*1/2 Marathon
*Attend a Baseball game
*Try Wind Sailing
*Learn to Scuba Dive
*Hot Air Ballooning
*Learn to sail
*Rock Climbing – Outside
*Walk in the Canopy
*Go to the Opera
*Go to the Ballet
*Walk a Maze


*Go around the outside of the CN Tower
*Winter Carnival

How about you what items are on your Bucket List?


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