Top 10 ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a rainy day!

I love the rain, it is beautiful soothing and renews our soul.  However on certain day’s such as Father’s Day it can put our plans in a tail spin.

Here my Top 10 ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a rainy day:

  1. Make breakfast the more BACON, more smiles. Then get out the photo albums and giggle
  2. Take a Trip to Westfield for there Steam and Technology show – Steam Engine rides
  3. Pull out his favourite movies, make popcorn and cuddle up.
  4. Go to Family Fun Zone 1pm Eastmount Community Centre – Hamilton free of charge, with games, air hockey and more. Call 905-574-2993 for more information.
  5.  Go to the movies, stop at Indigo after, grab a hot chocolate and have a chat.
  6.  Go play Lasertag
  7.  See how high you can go at Gravity Climbing gym –
  8. Go for brunch –
  9. Niagara Falls – Fireworks & Concert Niagara Falls marks the 20th anniversary of Canada’s longest running fireworks series! Start off    the night with a free concert, sponsored by Coca-Cola, featuring classic rock favourites!
  10. Just give him a hug tell him you love him and you are happy he is you Dad;)

So what did you decide are your 10 Things to do with Dad on a rainy Fathers Day are? I would love to hear your ideas:)

Three Amigos

Three Amigos


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