My Birthday Reflection with a shout out to each of you!

Birthdays make me reflect and check in with who I am, where I am today and how I feel about things. So now I have figured out I am 44 not 45, here are my thoughts of the day.

I am not guru, expert nor a specialist, I am simply me. Nor do I have any honours, degrees or even a diploma. I do not hold a fancy title, yearn for a corner office or drive a fancy car. Monetarily I am not wealthy, but I am richer than I ever dreamed.

  • I like me, most days.
  • I love to connect my community no greater thrill
  • I build others up and support them in reaching their potential
  • I am knowledgeable in the University of Life and willing to share
  • I am bestowed the best honour, when I see others smile
  • I have no need for monetary excess.
  • I hold the most meaningful titles Partner, Mom, Friend and Cheerleader to all, those I earn each day.

The following I wrote a few years ago and it still holds true today:

I am just me, take me, love me, leave me, the good, the bad and the ugly the choice is yours. Just remember I will make you smile, wipe your tears and I am not a fair weather woman…. I am committed to my own without a doubt. Once in my circle, you will always be. A true Aquarian I am. To those of you that have crossed my path in this journey we call life.

Thank you, for helping me be the woman I am today!

My gift to you: CLICK HERE:)

Now your gift to me go make someone smile!

My Girl Guide Leader once told me, “One smile has the power to spread to everyone, all over the planet.” So, let’s do it.

Please stay in touch.

Facebook:   Samantha Holden Emmerson

Twitter:      @Sam_HamOnt






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