Bucket List, Say SURE! 213 Pinterest Challenge – Pin 4

I love Pinterest and spend way to much ohhing and ahhhing, without doing a whole lot of anything. So, I am going to challenge myself to complete 213 Pinterest Challenges in 2013.  If you want to join the fun, feel free to post your challenge pins below. Remember to give credit to the pin that inspired you and even do a link back so they can see your results.

This pin http://pinterest.com/pin/31173422392675744/ inspired me to create my pin 4 – Say SURE! of my 213 Pinterest Challenge. What will you say SURE to??

“We only regret the things we did not do.”

With that quote in mind replace “NO” with “SURE”. What do you have to lose? The golden rule I live by is “As long as it doesn’t hurt me or someone else give it a whirl.”

That mindset has given me on many wonderful moments, adventures, trips across the country, many filled with lots of laughter and created oodles of memories. This was one of those nights. I had the opportunity to take my Little Sister to make snow angels and go tobogganing.

Making of Angels

To find the perfect toboggan hill is a challenge in of its self all depending on what is perfect for you. We choose Chedoke Golf Course, Hamilton, Ontario for its long rolling hills, lots of fresh snow and at 8pm we had it all to ourselves. To my Little Sisters glee she took to the hills whooping and a hollering all the way to the bottom. Then started the steady climb to the top, I am sure she slept well after a couple dozen trips up and down. The smiles were plentiful, the laughter was loud and magic was made.

I personally am a snow angel gal, they just warm my heart. We had fun rolling in the snow making a family of angels, they looked rather mystical as the snow glistened in the moonlight and laughter certainly continued to fill the air. Then as we left she turned and said, “But you haven’t gone on the toboggan.”….Yikes! I thought, then I took the plunge and I said sure why not and headed to the smallest hill and went weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;)


Great times were had by all, so next time you are asked say SURE!

If you are looking for a toboggan hill in your area check out http://tobogganhills.com/blog brought to you by Sebastian Dwornik it is a great resource for scouting the best location in your area, you are also able to add your favourite toboggan hill to share with others.


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