Our New Home: Renovations – Basement

It has being an exciting time but, I cannot believe we have being in the house for six weeks. Everything takes such a long time to get the way you want it. We are by no means there yet but, I thought it might be time to share some pictures.

We can see an end in sight for the basement renovations so I thought I would start sharing those pictures.




The carpet was all wrinkly so we had a gentleman come in and stretch it all out so it will last for a few more years. The ceiling had to be painted before the bookcases could be installed, we choose orange to add warmth and brightness to the area. Thanks to our wonderful handyman Jeff for painting the ceiling in record time.

The floor and walls are rather uneven so getting the bookcase secured was a challenge. Thank goodness to the wonderful staff at Ikea they donated the wall brackets to secure the bookcases to the wall and at Lee Valley we found adjustable feet so the bookcases could be balanced with the help of a few shims. Even though the bookcases take up alot of room they add something special to the room and provide added insulation to the basement.

The wallpaper has being chosen for the feature wall at the bottom of the stairs that is presently decorated with a wall of boxes and the black cabinet is in the process of becoming a bar cart. It will display the family silver on top backed by the perfect mirror. We are however still searching for the perfect mirror to add that dash of glitz. The column will be covered in the same wallpaper too and the rest of the walls will be painted in an off white.

There as being many discussions about tv vs. projector with the bookcases. Sadly the only ceiling mount we could find to support a 50′ tv was over $500 for the just the mount, so that idea is on hold. A projector might be the answer but it isn’t a first priority so lots of time to look into options.

The two white chairs are going to be custom painted and the seats dyed orange. The tv stand and the coffee table(not the one here) will just be painted out black for now, just to make things easier on the eyes.

So, that is where the basement is at today, stay tuned for all of the updates:)


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