Kid’s Adventure: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Friday we escaped on our annual Niagara Falls adventure with my incredible Little Sister. It was a day filled with the magic of the season as we let loose the child within us and embraced this winter wonderland.

Three Amigos

Three Amigos

The first stop of the day was Dave and Busters as we were all in need of nourishment. Dave and Busters was lively and had a great buzz. They offer several play packages for every budget but food was on our agenda so we started at the restaurant on the second floor. The restaurant was quiet, friendly but certainly chilly, we sat in a large booth in the back corner certainly not my first choice for this nosey soul. We quickly all decided to do the meal and play package $29.99 for adults includes a $20.00 play card and $9.99 for kids includes a $10.00 play card for that price you were able to choose anything off the menu.

  • My meal was steak that was cooked to a perfect medium rare, onion rings and the most incredible garlic mash potatoes topped with cheddar cheese, green onions and bacon bits…these potatoes were to die for. It was a simple classic of a meal but truly one of the best meals I have had in a long time and I eat out a lot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • D had the blackened chicken, green beans and he also had the most incredible garlic mash potatoes topped with cheddar cheese, green onions and bacon bits…he loved them too.
  • O’s kid’s meal was simple cheeseburger and fries but it cooked to perfection and she was happy. Trust me to make O happy at meal times can be a challenge.

The food at Dave and Busters received a surprising A+ the meal alone was worth the price.

O at Dave and Busters

Wins 500 tickets

After dinner we headed downstairs where we spent the next two hours playing games, winning prizes and having a grand old time. The 3 amigos were a winning team cashing out with over three thousand points so we walked out with lots of prizes, to my Little Sister’s delight.

Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill

To continue the fun we stepped out the door on to Clifton Hill packed with people even on this cold blustery day. The first stop was Clare’s Harley Davidson Shop for a unique photo opportunity aboard the most photographed Harley in Canada without a doubt looking to release our inner biker. Though I think I provided more of the entertainment when I couldn’t cock my leg over with my coat on.

Clare's Harley Davidson Shop
Clare’s Harley Davidson Shop

We continued wandering down Clifton Hill stopping in various gift shops checking out the attractions lots of unique gift ideas at great price points too for all you shoppers out there. At Guinness Book of World Records there was another photo opportunity, seeing how short we really are compared to the world’s tallest man. Trust me we were short, very short oh well they say good things come in short packages…right? At The Rainforest Cafe we made a special stop to check out the shark tank and other hidden creatures, wise advice was “tread carefully and remember to look up.” But shh we are not telling why.

Heading to the Hershey store we cut through Falls View Avenue we stopped at Danny Zzzz booth after listening to Danny pitch his show on Dragons’ Den where he won the backing of all the Dragons it was quite exciting to meet him. He also offered us such a great deal to see his show we decided to take the opportunity to see him perform. It meant we would have to wait for another day to go to Hershey’s and see the fireworks but we would have a unique opportunity to see Danny Zzzz live. Embracing another of lives detours we decided to see the show.DannyDanny Zzzz provided a live show that was pure family fun entertainment. He delivered on all levels providing an ongoing banter of improv comedy that interacted and engaged his audience throughout the show. He did that while flawlessly demonstrating his remarkable skills as an illusionist and magician to the audiences delight. The highlight of the show was certainly where he hypnotised audience members and had them perform to his will. This certainly provided great entertainment for all the audience but especially for those with the family on stage. The hypnosis was all done in good taste and provided a wonderful night of for all the family to enjoy. Danny Zzzz show is great family entertainment for 5 – 105 year olds and was performing at the Crowne Plaza in Niagara Falls, Canada.

To finish the evening off we drove the Winter Festival of Lights route, out to Dufferin Island and was completely wowed by the wonderful display of lights. At 10.15pm it was a quiet drive not the bumper to bumper traffic you find earlier in the evening so it made the lights all the more enjoyable. With the glitz of the lights in our eyes, it was the perfect way to end the evening before heading home down the QEW.

What is on your Niagara Falls bucket list?

Resources to make sure you have fun and to save you money:

  1. Big Brothers & Big Sisters – you need a Little person with you;)
  2. Dave & Busters – great food and entertainment
  3. Clare’s Harley Davidson
  4. The Rainforest Cafe
  5. Niagara Parks – Ontario – attraction & accommodation deals
  6. Niagara Parks – US – great attraction deals
  7. Clifton Hill
  8. Rink at the Brink
  9. Entertainment Listings – for Falls
  10. Crowne Plaza – we didn’t stay here but it offers great ambiance, lovely staff and as a beautiful resort feel. On my bucket list for 2013.
  11. Fallsview Indoor Water Park – if you are just going for the day stop by the tourist office for a $10 off coupon.
  12. Danny Zzzz
  13. Danny Zzzz reviews
  14. Dragons’ Den
  15. Groupon
  16. Wagjag 
  17. Jaunt 
  18. LivingSocial

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