Take the New Year’s Plunge!

Start the year as you intend to continue!

Take the opportunity to plunge past your fears and embrace the fact you can do anything you choose to. As you join thousands of people worldwide who go to lakes, rivers, oceans across the globe to face the frigid temperatures, looking fear straight on as they take on the New Years Plunge and join the Polar Bear Club.

I joined the Polar Bear club in 1st 1st 2011, it was brilliantly refreshing and set the year off to a great start. It is however well and truly crossed of the Bucket List and I have absolutely no wish to try the Polar Bear Dip again.
I remember the gasp as I took the plunge, getting waist deep with the only desire to turn around, knowing it wasn’t a true Polar Bear Dip unless I dipped my head under, I kept going finally make the boldest move as my breath was caught in my throat, I dove to the bottom of the lake, looking for my prize, I wanted a stone to remember this moment, to remember I CAN DO ANYTHING as I grasped at the bottom of the lake my hand met nothing but sand. I had to keep going, so to the shore I headed as I looked down there it was my shining light, it was just a black rock from Lake Ontario, that was so much more. It was a symbol, that you truly can do anything with a little stupid determination.

Polar Bear Dip

The point in this post is to urge you to take the plunge, face your fears and ultimately start your year off right. I can say it was a rewarding experience that I was shocked able to do it, in many ways it changed my life by simply showing me I CAN do anything but best of all, I know you can too.

Here in Hamilton the annual Polar Bear Dip takes place at Van Wagners beach, registration is at Hutches starts at 11am and the plunge takes place at 1pm.

Will you be there, ready to start 2013 on a perfect note of self discovery.


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