Theatre Review: next to Normal – Hammer Entertainment

next to Normal

Next to Normal is a Tony Award winning show sharing a harrowing story of a middle class family struggling with mental illness brought to the stage by Hammer Entertaintment in a way that is riveting and heart wrenching.

This was by far Hammer Entertainments most emotional performance; their portrayal of next to Normal was brilliantly directed by Shari Vandermolen with near perfect execution by the cast, crew and musicians. Jason Dick shows a new depth embodying his character as he shares Dan’s plight to be a supportive husband with the audience. Jason leaves your heartbreaking for his character, Dan. Stacy Milford plays Diana with such emotion and expression, her performance allows a unique insight into what it is truly like to suffer with Bi-Polar.

Hammer Entertainments performance filled the audience with empathy and gave insight into Mental Illness that affects one in three Canadians. It is definitely wonderful theatre but more importantly a great tool for creating understanding, compassion and empathy. Sometimes families who face the struggle of Mental Illness do not have the words to convey their struggle. Next to Normal gives a voice not only to the family member battling Mental illness but for the whole family.

If you or a family member are touched by Mental Illness this is a must see and if you have not then you can just appreciate wonderful theatre!

P.S. Take tissues:)

Hammer Entertainment


next to Normal

Oct 19th – Oct 27th

Citadel Theatre

28 Rebecca St.

905 981 7345


One comment

  1. This was definately a tear jerker. The cast were outstanding and the new venue is great as well. Looks like Hammer Entertainment is off to a great year.

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