Bucket List: 2012 Samhain / Halloween in Hamilton

Samhain Fall Halloween Bucket List

2012 Samhain / Halloween Bucket List

1.     Pay respects to your ancestors

This is a wonderful time of year when the veil thins allowing those on the other side to reach out and touch us with their presence, their words or simply a sign we just need to open our hearts and open our minds to the possibilities.

Creating an Alter can be as simple as putting out a photo of your ancestors. To creating a full Alter with an Alter Cloth, Candles, Parchment Paper, Bowl of Water, Bowl of Salt, Cauldron, Incense, Leaves,  Items of the Harvest such as Apples & Acorns, Photos of your Ancestors and their Personal items.

2.     See Rocky Horror Picture Show

Create an evening with friends and family, dress as your favourite characters. Play Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sing along don’t forget your toast.

3.     Sit with a Scrying Mirror

Embracing the thinning veil this is a perfect time to sit with a scrying mirror and see if you can see into the divine veil.

4.    Ms. Mooney’s Walking Tour

Join Ms. Mooney at The Spiritorium where she will delight you with tales of those that have passed in the historical village of Dundas while taking your back in time.

5.     Celebrate Day of the Dead

Come and celebrate Day of the Dead at Hamilton Pagan Pub Moots 4th Anniversary “Black & White & Mead All Over” at the Corktown Pub, Young St., Hamilton, ON. Dance to the Dragon Ritual Drummers with your favourite sugar skull. Come on out and get to know your Pagan & Majically inclined community.

6.     Go to an Haunted House

Screemers is our choice for a howling good time.

7.     Have a fall photo shoot

Just take a camera go to the pumpkin patch, one of the waterfalls, apple orchard or just the back yard. Go as a group, take fun pics of you and the pooch, bring the kids, have another couple join you and make sure everyone gets a turn to take pictures.

My top three spots would be:

    •  Tiffany Falls
    •  Puddicombe Farm & Winery
    •  Bennetts

8. Play at Night of the Dread

Homegrown have a wonderful lineup of events for Night of the Dread October 27th & 28th

    •  Puppet & Lantern Procession
    •  Ritual for Banishing Fears
    •  Pumpkin Carving
    •  Puppet Zombies

9.          Drink an Apple Cider Toddy

 10.        Find a local Diwali Festival

 11.        Have your soul soothed by Crystal Journey

 12.        Gather the harvest at the Pumpkin Patch

    •  Dyments is our chosen destination this year

13.      Go on a nature walk & enjoy a waterfall

My three are:


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