The Comfort Maple

We all take comfort in the smaller moments in life, it is usually in simplicity that we find perfection. On Sunday I had the honor of sharing one of those profound moments with my partner in lives adventure Drew. We set forth to see one of the most unusual sites in Ontario, The Comfort Maple – Canada’s Biggest Maple Tree and she just might be older than the nation herself as it is believed the tree is circa 1500.

We love road trips and meandering country roads, good tunes on the radio and of course the wonderful company. We set forth on a wonderful adventure, sadly due to the lateness in the day we headed down the QEW highway Niagara bound taking exit 57 Victoria Avenue straight up to Metler Road, it just past the turn for Balls Falls. Metler Road is beautiful lush greenery where you literally cannot see the tree for the forest, or that is what Drew will tell you;) We learned if you see this sign you have gone too far.



You will find the Comfort Tree in North Pelham just south-east of Grimsby. The Comfort Maple ion Metlers after the general store on your right hand side after about 5 houses and you will see the park sign you then travel down a dirt road but at this point you can see the tree to your left as you turn. It sits on a half – hectare of land and is presently maintained by the Niagara Region Conservation Authority.




The girth of the tree is 8 metres and the width of the crown is 28 metres and is over 30 metres high. The giant became a local attraction and owner Earl Hampton Comfort set aside a piece of land solely for the tree’s preservation.  In 1961 his sister Edna made the donation to Niagara Region Conservation Authority to ensure its continued preservation for future generations to enjoy.


The Comfort Maple


The Comfort Maple is a lovely spot to enjoy a picnic, feel the sun on your face and the breeze play with you hair and imagine all those who have taken shelter over the years under the Comfort Maple branches. The children that have played within her shadows, the lovers who have preserved their memories by carving their initials in her bark, the wandering travellers that have stopped for a moment…just to enjoy the magnificent view.


The Comfort Maple Tree

The Comfort Maple Tree


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