Sacred Places

St Patrick's

St. Patrick’s Chapel taken by Andy Clegg

Sacred Places are truly personal, they are the places that vibrate with you. The places where you feel completely attuned to the universe  when you are there. They allow you presence within yourself, give you internal clarity and rejuvenate your soul. The challenge can come when that place is not easily accessible. I spent years searching for my sacred place, only to finally accept it was a place I had known from my childhood, now 3,000 miles away in England at St Patrick’s Chapel, Heysham, Lancashire, U.K.  It is the place where my soul is truly home.


Carlsbad Caverns

I had searched many places such as:

          • Petroglyph Park in Ontario, Canada
          • Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada
          • York Cathedral in UK
          • Knaresborough’s Mother Shipton‘s Caves in UK
          • London’s St Alban’s in UK
          • Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, USA
          • Sedona in Arizona USA
          • Grand Canyon in Arizona USA
          • Meteor Crater in Arizona USA
          • Black Mesa in Arizona USA
          • Great Sand Dunes in California USA
          • North American Stonehenge in USA

To no avail I did not feel the connection. They were all awe-inspiring beautiful and a pleasure to visit but they lacked that special something.

Niagara Falls

The Ah Ha moment for me was all sacred places are accessible to us at any time, we just need to accept the gifts that they offer and use that power to nourish ourselves and pay it forward to our own. Even if your space is 3000 miles away like mine. We can go to them at anytime and be nourished. By using the power of meditation and visualization.

In preparation to attend your sacred place do so with good intent, an open heart, an open mind and prepare your soul so that you will be able to receive many great blessings. Come forward to honor your sacred place as you would honor yourself by remembering you are connecting with purity of self within the universe. Do not allow your judgement to be clouded by external influences such as alcohol, drugs or tobacco wait if you have indulged because if you enter you will take these impurities there with you. We should strive to keep our sacred places pure for all within our universe.

When I am ready to attend, I go to a quiet place and lay down centering myself by taking slow, cleansing breaths inhaling slowly and feeling my belly rise and fall. Clearing my mind, heart and soul. Letting my body relax, my worries evaporate and my heart opens.  Sometimes with music other times my visions are so clear I can hear the seagulls calling, waves crashing and the breeze on my face. I let my mind drift back to Heysham and I take the path from the village to St. Patrick’s Chapel where I sit for a while just enjoying the sights and sounds. I usually will explore a little further each time, I am there. Playing on the barrows as I experience the presence of our ancestors, incredible images of when the Celts, Druids wandered on this place. To just enjoying natures offerings of the ocean lapping and the most incredible sunsets.

You decide what works for you, start slowly and always honor your self.

I may look in more details at the ruins, or enjoy the sunset or just close my eyes and feel the wind playing with my hair.  I ask my questions of the universe here in this place that is the rhythm of my soul.  I receive guidance on how to serve others, on the things that I should pursue and points to ponder. I also try in some small way to serve the place we call St. Patrick’s Chapel…that is so much more than appears. It is not the Chapel itself, it is the place, the land, the history it is for me a true a Spiritual Vortex. This place, nestled on the Barrows overlooks the Morecambe Bay as the Irish Sea rolls ashore.  You will be given a light show like no other as you witness the most incredible sunsets in the world over Morecambe Bay.

Morecambe Bay.

When I am ready to return I give thanks. I follow down the path back to the village wandering and meandering in this beautiful village till I am ready to return. Upon my return I feel a little more complete and a great sense of peace and purpose.

St. Patrick's Chapel

St. Patrick’s Chapel by Andy Clegg

You too can embrace all of these gifts.

1. If you are not sure where your place is, take the time to meditate and you will find your sacred place.

2. Embrace your sacred place and visit often.

3. Allow your sacred place to answer your questions, offer you guidance and support.

I would love if you shared your own personal experiences:)

Love, Hugs & Light,



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