FREE & PWYC Classes: Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation & QiGong.

Here are a few of the FREE & PWYC, Meditation, GiGong, Yoga & Tai Chi classes in the Hamilton area. If you need further information please contact the organizations below:)

I will be doing the 21 Meditation  Day Challenge starts Feb 20th, why not join me?

If you have any information on other classes and you would like to share, send me a message and I will pass along.




Tai-Chi (Saturday 10:00-noon) Derived from martial arts, it combines yoga and meditation. Since the exercises require so much focus to properly execute the moves, it helps to improve your balance, alignment, and posture while the meditation helps to calm. Tai Chi has also been known to reduce falls in the elderly.

Where – Jamesville


1-1½ hr meetings with practical sessions, video talks by Shri Mataji and guided collective meditations to enjoy, in a relaxed atmosphere. You can join in at any time – just come along. No prior knowledge is necessary; everything will be explained.


When: Hamilton – Every Monday 7.00 pm

Where: Norman Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre

192 Wentworth St. North, L8L 5V7


Sahaja Yoga Hamilton

QIGONG FOR HEALING – Facilitated by Brad.

Contact Brad –

Ongoing intake.

Learn to heal with touch. Qigong healing class will teach you how to access your own healing energies to heal yourself or others. Practice meditational and movement-based yogic exercises. Learn to treat a friend with hands-on healing under the supervision of a qualified facilitator.

Qigong is an ancient form of healing and spiritual practice, a systematic discipline rarely taught in the west. It combines movement, postures, breath-work, focus and meditation. In its principles it is quite similar to some forms of yoga although it has developed in China. Qigong literally means ‘energy work’ or ‘energy skills.’ Qi might be defined as spiritual energy or life force. Working with Qi consists of circulating, shielding, clearing, strengthening, increased storing, as well as developing awareness and sensitivity to spiritual energy. Much of this is done through the processes of removing energetic blockages, and balancing the energy from the standpoint of the elements. This is gentler and much more sophisticated than Reiki.


Further info:

WHERE: St Peters Main St. East 7pm Thursday.


FRWY King & Wellington

5:30 Tuesdays & 10:30 Saturday

I have heard great feedback for this one.


Free/Donation Based Yoga in Stoney Creek, Hamilton – Ontario

We also offer yoga by donation once a week (on Wednesdays at 18:30). Most classes are taught in my home and the class sizes are limited. Please plan to arrive early and contact Alla at 905-719-8456 to guarantee your spot in class. We have no set or suggested fees; all donations are anonymous and all are appreciated!

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If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
FB – Samantha Holden Emmerson

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