Dream Creation

Sleep often eludes us and even more so for our children with their active imaginations. I found with my daughter if I harnessed the power of her imagination not only did she sleep well but, she settled peacefully without the constant getting up and down to the chorus of “But Mum……!”

Our routine was like many others snack, bath, teeth, story, bed but this is where we had a slight diversion. I would lie with her for a few moments chat about the story while rubbing her back.

Then I would help her create her dream just by simply asking.

What are you going to dream about tonight?

She would respond with all kinds of things:

      • I am will take my dog for a haircut.
      • I am going to find the Unicorns in the forest.
      • I want to go see Grandad in heaven.
      • I am going to go dancing with Barbie and her friends.

The beauty was she could do anything she would like.  I always encouraged her because if you can dream, you can achieve.

I would lie with her for a little while asking probing questions:

      • Where will you go?
      • Who will be there?
      • What will you see?
      • What will you do?
      • When will you …..?
      • How will you feel?

Then we agreed that she would tell me all the wonderful details of her dream the next morning over breakfast. It also allowed her the time to rest peacefully even if she was not sleeping. Often getting so involved in creating her dream she would peacefully drift off to sleep.

Then the next morning as promised she would excitedly tell me of her dreams, filled with many adventures. It always made for entertaining breakfast conversation and started our day on a great note.

I urge you to try this with your little ones and even consider creating a dream or two for yourself.

If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
FB – Samantha Holden Emmerson

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