SKATING – Hamilton & Beyond, Discovering My Inner Ice Princess.

If you live in Canada and are not willing to embrace the chill in the air, the snow flake on the tip of your nose and refreshing arctic breeze.  Then you are in for a long hard cold miserable winter cooped up inside going stir crazy or that could be just me. So, here is the most essential check list of items you must own if you are a Canuck 40 Something Year Old Ice Princess.

  • Warm Socks, cuter the better. I love my P.I.G. socks my Little Sister bought me for Christmas.

Pig Socks

  • Boots preferably rated -40 if your feet are warm everything else is ok! For après skating.
  • When it comes to the lower body, long johns $4 at G.T. Boutique aka Giant Tiger are the way to go.
  • Your Jeans topped with fuzzy snow pants for extra warmth, they offer padding for me, for when I gracefully fall.
  • Usually on the top half I am wearing T-Shirt, Fleece and my Down Coat. Me = terrified of cold:).
  • There is nothing better than Comfort Skates! Fully supportive of my ankle, wide and cosy in the foot.
  • Don’t forget the hat, scarf and mitts they are what add your spot of colour.
  • Must haves, handy warmers, those little packets you shake, shake, shake and then they heat up.

Now where should we go skating?  The local arenas are cool but there is no better feeling that being out in the great outdoors.

Rink on the Brink

Skating at Rink on the Brink

Here are some unusual and unique places to skate on the days you want to venture afar:

Ice Princess

Pier 8 Hamilton

Top Local Places:

If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
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