MEDITATION create your own personal retreat.

Heysham Head

Taken by Andy Clegg

Often in life we are drawn into less than idyllic circumstances, disagreeing with loved ones, commuting in the rain, tired from the baby crying, frustrated just because… We may take a moment to daydream of the things we wish we could do but, sadly we contemplate in the someday mode. So, alas our day dreams do nothing to soothe us and they tend to frustrate us more.

What if I told you to feel completely relaxed and blissful, you just needed to spend 15 minutes a day with yourself at your convenience. You would think I am joking but, I am not. Meditation is the place you can leave all your frustrations behind and create your own personal retreat.

Do you feel intimidated by the Lotus, then simply don’t do it, just sit comfortably or lie down, do what works for you, this your retreat. I have meditated lying in bed, under a tree, sat on a bus and yes even hidden in a bathroom stall.  Trust me, you can meditate anywhere.

The benefits of meditation are many.  It can help decrease your stress levels, increase that feeling of calm, find that childlike happiness and contentment to just be. Meditation allows you the opportunity to see things just as they are without your doubts, fears and judgements misguiding you.

If you would like a companion on your journey, check back daily, I am going to post my daily meditations highlighting my adventures, snoozefests and the moments where I reach that perfect place we all seek sanctuary. If you would like to share your experiences, I would love to hear from you.

Not sure where to start?

At Home:

Free Guided Meditations on You Tube that are quick and easy.

Free 21 Day Meditation Challenge hosted by Chopra Centre. (Available 4 times per year)


Free weekly Meditation Class.

Free Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Series, Dr. Sichler holds these courses about twice a year.


Free Meditation Retreat they are ongoing.


  • Today I did a beautiful guided meditation To Avalon to Meet the Goddess Brigit. –  Where we stood above the ocean, in a place I call Heysham Head that looks over beautiful Morecambe Bay. A place renowned for the sunsets and the ancient St. Patrick’s Chapel that is in ruins but, it is still one of the most glorious places you can visit. Here in this beautiful place St. Brigit gave me a beautiful crown of daisies but then quickly replaced them with dandelions. I wonder why? It was very peaceful experience. I had such a sense of gratitude and the colours were extremely vivid.
If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
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