Gratitiude with Attitude

Gratitude with Attitude

2012 will be a year of change on so many levels for my self personally & professionally.  I didn’t want to miss a minute. So, I decided daily to write a status update on Facebook of the highlight of my day as well as something I am grateful for, they seem are getting lost so I have chosen to also capture them here.

05/02/12 Highlight of my day was giving K a jar of Pickles for her birthday along with a Pickle card…lol Oh and her Princess Leia Cupcakes. Today I was grateful for the lovely birthday wishes and this beautiful weather.  The day I was born there was a blizzard in England…

04/02/12 ‎4/2/12 Highlight of the day lunch at Kings Buffet with D, C and J great food and lovely company it was a lovely way to celebrate my birthday:) Grateful today for the internet and the Princess Leia Cupcakes I found and have made for a special lady who’s birthday we are celebrating tomorrow!

03/02/12 Highlight was seeing good peeps at King Artie at Binbrook theatre it was my Little Sister’s first show at live theatre with me. She is awesome! Grateful for how beautiful Hamilton is, we stopped at Devils Punchbowl the night view is stunning.

‎02/02/12 Highlight of the day was making beeswax candles ohh what a mess I made, bless Drew for his eternal patience. I was so grateful to attend such an engaging P.R. Fundraising Class.  The story about the Ryan Gosling came up and their were accolades for C, which was great. Now I have official homework for next week, the funny part is I am excited about it.

‎1/2/12 Highlight today was a quiet day spent exploring the computer & I think juxtapost is my fav so far. If you are a visual person then these sites are pure delight… Grateful for those that inspire me.

31/1/12 Highlight of the day was publishing my first blog post on Sam’s Curiosities. After six years of exploring Hamilton I decided I needed a place to share My Musings, Adventures, Explorations and Discoveries. I am often asked how I found out about events so, I will also gladly share some of my resources too. Grateful today for the internet and its power to connect especially when you combine that with Social Free Spirits for making those connections a reality not just a virtually.

30/1/12 Highlight of the day was taking a walk with Drew & Angel as the snow fell on the mountain brow. I was the most grateful to get the Twitter widget working in WordPress, grr I missed the underscore so it was six hours on & off but persistence prevailed:)

29/1/12 Highlight of the day was seeing those beautiful snowflakes. Grateful for my laptop makes the world a small place.

‎‎‎28/1/12 Highlight of the day was certainly having the honor to attend the first public performance at The Crystal Cave with David Hickey of Crystal Journey in Mount Hope.  It was a truly a remarkable event, words could not do the performance justice. So I will encourage you to seek out the David Hickey performances especially to attend one at the Crystal Cave it takes the experience to a whole new level. Today i was the most grateful for a true look at the other side.

27/1/12 Highlight had to be delivering Unicorn Poop to Chris! He is such an incredible light in our community. He sure makes me smile in a day. So, when a birdie told me Chris liked Unicorn’s these became a must bake.  Drew all over the Holidays kept finding unicorn things around the house, so he passed them on the Chris to enjoy too. It was just a fun moment. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to take my Little Sister and her friend to Michael’s they (not I;) had so much fun. LOVE Fridays:)

26/1/12 Highlight was starting my Public Relations class really looking forward to the new challenge, I really am liking the instructor and great to see Jason and others. Grafeful for the challenge.

25/1/12 Highlight of the day was really that new show TOUCH not often I get excited about TV but that show was incredible. Grateful for all the wonderful opportunities. Tonight I start my course, tomorrow is craft night with My Little Sister, Saturday going to David Hickey ‘s crystal cave (intrigued), Sunday Church and Curling with great people, life is good.

24/1/12 Highlight was imagining Howard Shaw trying to fit into Martin Jones sexy new fantasy car in Yellow of course.  Sorry guys but, I am still giggling. Grateful for Melanie , Robyn , Judy , Norma , Emilia , Susan , Marilyn , Salma , Laurie and Glen for all that you do with Social Free Spirits.

‎23/1/12 Highlight of the day was how productive I was toward my own personal goals. I was grateful to find out both my classes will be running.

22/1/12 Highlight was meeting a new friend. Grateful for The Moot and all of Amy’s hard work most of all what that gave to us.

‎21/1/12 Highlight was certainly kicking up my heels at the Ceili lol ok not really but I tried. I am so grateful to the great Hamilton community we have an awesome peeps, like Ann, Bethany and Terry.

‎20/1/12 Highlight of the day seeing Drew, he’s bacccck! I was grateful to Tourism Hamilton for the tickets to the Alumni /Celebrity game tonight Drew, My Little Sister and I had an awesome time. I loved seeing Johnny Bower’s face he was like a kid in a candy store. Loved when the player sang Sweet Caroline. Even bumped into some tweeps:)

‎19/1/12 Highlight of the day creating my own blog….so I can blah blah blah. Grateful for wonderful drugs and soft, soft kleenex.

‎18/1/12 Highlight of the day was cuddling up with Neo Citron and a good movie.  I have a cold:( I was grateful for drugs giving me the ability to breathe.

‎17/1/12 Highlight of the day was my Volunteer Management Class, it is fun and engaging. Grateful for telephones:)

‎16/1/12 Highlight of the day was buying my bear a new shirt to celebrate Valentines Day…I know lame but true;) Love Build a Bear & Love Drew’s patience even more. Grateful today for the warm breeze blowing up the mountain….wierd!  I walked Angel on the Mountain Brow and there was a lovely breeze coming up the mountain.

‎15/1/12 Highlight of the day was Drew surprising me and taking me to the Ice Wine Fest in Jordan I love Ice Wine, I soooo do… then add, truffles and great company. I was floating on a cloud;) Today I was so grateful to the gentleman that conducted our service at church.  He spoke about the Top Five Regrets of Dying. Sound morbid it wasnt at all, so uplifting. 1. I wish I’d had the courage to liv…e a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. 2. I wish I didn’t work so hard. 3.  I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings. 4.  I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 5. I wish that I had let myself be happier. it was so good to be reminded of these things. Read people …

‎14/1/12 Highlight of the day was simply doing nothing a complete pj day, watched two great movies & Greys, I cried & laughed. Perfect! I was grateful for finally organizing my clothes, books and getting my school stuff together.

‎13/1/12 Highlight of the day making avocado, carrots, sweet potato fries & chicken fingers with my Little Sister and she ate it all but shh don’t tell her the fries were veggies;) I am so grateful to be a Big Sister one of the best things I have ever done.

‎12/1/12 Highlight of the day creating but shh shh I can’t tell;) Grateful for the opportunity.

‎11/1/12 Highlight My general curiosity. We created new food for Angel that she loved and finally she ate. Grateful for all the wonderful people in this community and all the fun things I get to share.

Highlights of 2011

•Becoming a Canadian Citizen

•Polar Bear Dip 2011

•Completing Around the Bay 5k …

•Growing my first Garden

•Drumming up the Sun at Summer solstice

•Meeting the gentleman Johnny Bower who happened to be a Hockey Legend

•Lilydale experience

•Volunteering at Cactus Festival – Choo Choo

•Settling my Grandmothers estate.

•Gaining confidence to bake again.

•Returning to Mohawk to take Volunteer Management

•Cooking classes with Courtney

•Becoming a Big Sister

•Creating Snowy at Build a Bear

•All my experiences shared with all the wonderful people from Meetup, Facebook, Twitter & Hamilton Irish Arts

It was a wonderful year!

If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
FB – Samantha Holden Emmerson

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