TEN SENSATIONAL Frosty Hamilton Experiences

TEN SENSATIONAL Frosty Hamilton Experiences, don’t succumb to the January blahs get out and experience this great city.

New Year Sunrise 2012

  1. Watch the sunrise on Van Wagners Beach, somethings are worth getting out of bed for – World Clock.
  2. Hike at Hendrie Valley.
  3. Skate into the sunset at Pier 8 overlooking the Harbour – Hamilton Outdoor Ice Rink .
  4. Escape to the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse .
  5. Public Skate at Ivor Wynn before the AHL Classic.
  6. Embrace winter at Hamilton Winterfest.
  7. Take a stroll on the Mountain Brow. My favourite stretch starts at Bellwood Ave to Mountain Drive Park .
  8. Spend a day creating at the Woodworking Show.
  9. Get out and enjoy January 25th Robbie Burns Day.
  10. January 9th 2:30 am head to Devils Punch Bowl for a stunning full moon experience – World Clock

Don’t want to go it alone check out Social Free Spirits calendar.

If you have a suggestions, comments or ideas please share:)
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